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Hi, I’m Carissa and this is my story.

Autism is a disorder in the brain that causes problems with communication, social skills, and other normal functions. People with autism are more likely to feel discomfort around large groups of people, can have problems communicating their emotions, and might not pick up on things like how others are feeling.

They can be anywhere on the spectrum, but most of the common symptoms are a resistance to change, doing a specific action when they are overwhelmed (such as waving their arms or covering their ears), and trouble communicating with others.

There are three different types of autism that scientists know of:

  • Autistic disorder: Where people have trouble with language, communication, and different interests than other people. They often focus on the environment around them rather than on people.


  • Asperger’s syndrome: A milder form of Autistic disorder, where they have trouble acting socially and focusing on people, but their brains are typically more developed.


  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder: People who have some problems communicating, but don’t have any other spectrum signs.


Autism is typically detected at an early age and will remain with a person throughout their lifetime. Babies with autism might want to be alone, have trouble speaking, and repeat words over and over to signal they are upset. They could also have trouble recognizing and feeling emotions, and are more likely to be introverts or highly sensitive people.

Why I made this website

I’ve been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, and after I had trouble overcoming my own hurdles, I decided to start aiding people who had all forms of autism. Most people with the disorder simply need someone to talk too, and someone they can always rely on to be there to help them handle their own unique situation.

That’s what I do. I take care workers, parents, and volunteers and train them to be those people that someone on the spectrum can rely upon, while also working with those diagnosed with the disorder to help them cope with everyday problems.

What people don’t realize is that autism has benefits, and it’s my job to help those benefits shine through. Some benefits can include a heavy attention to detail, obsession with a chosen topic of interest, and a unique way of doing something when they are left alone to their own devices.

I’ve worked with people who are whizzes at computers, excellent writers, amazing speakers, and who are talented and praised for bringing a unique view to their chosen workplace. Good things happen when people who are autistic are put in a place that allows them to thrive.

This website is going to be that place for you, so feel free to look around and see how we can help one another because autism is not a negative disorder unless you make it one.

Then, just like all my other students, you’ll be saying “Ms Carissa, you rock!”

Visit Our Blog

Have you visited our blog yet? This is where we share the latest news surrounding autism/disorders and we also take a closer look at other health-related subjects and topics.

Read Our Story

Every project has its own story. Find out exactly how and why MsCarissaRocks was started and what our goals, objectives and missions are. Read the story behind MsCarissaRocks.


We’ve partnered with the National Autistic Society to accept donations to help autistic people and their families around the world. A donation as little as £5 could help a worried parent get professional advice.

What Parents Say

Our Partner

We’ve partnered with the National Autistic Society to help spread awareness about autism to a wider range of the community in every region of the world. There are approximately 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK, and our mission is to offer support and help to every one of them.

What We Do

Our very friendly and generous team members (who don’t get paid – completely voluntary work!) spend their time every week with children and parents in various schools across the world by sharing their expertise and experience. We won’t stop until we’re #1 in providing free specialist autism services.

Get Involved

Whether you plan to run a marathon, take part in a sports event or fundraise for World Autism Awareness Week, please get in touch with us for your free information brochure pack. From the entire team at MsCarissaRocks, thank you for helping make the world that extra bit more autism friendly.


Hello, I’m Carissa! I’m a 35-year-old woman with a deep understanding of Asperger’s syndrome and the desire to share that understanding. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s early in my life and began to feel different during social situations when I was in middle school. Read more about me here.