How to Make Homemade Shakers

Shaker Craft

What you’ll need:

  • Empty, rinsed plastic containers with lids OR two paper plates per participant
  • Variety of materials to put inside (ie. Rice, sand, uncooked noodles, cotton balls, etc…)
  • Duct tape, scotch tape or stapler (depending on which type of shaker you’ll make)shakerphoto

What to do:

Allow children to place any and all materials into the containers or between the paper plates.  Secure containers with duct tape.  If using paper plates, staple plates together around the edges and secure edges with duct tape.  Once finished, encourage children to shake their creations all around.  Ask, “What do you hear?”  Compare the way each material sounds.

In this activity children…

  • Explore sound
  • Build vocabulary as they describe the sounds they hear
  • Exercise fine and gross motor muscles as they shake their instruments
  • Practice cooperative play as they make music together!

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