Services Provided by Ms. Carissa

Below are some examples of services Ms. Carissa provides.

Family Concerts – Perfect for all ages!   *Prices start at $150
Children and families of all ages are invited to a variety of venues ranging from Farmers Markets to Libraries for live family friendly music!  Children dance, sing, move and groove to the classic rock hits, originals and games during this interactive concert. These concerts can happen at your Preschool Program or Elementary School! Concerts are tailored to meet the specific needs or themes of your program.  E-mail Ms. Carissa for more info so that live music can be a part of your program, family party, market, festival or anywhere families are ready to rock!

Boogie Bonding (30-45 minute sessions)- Perfect for children under 6 and those who love them
Children under 5 have a weekly chance to make music along with their caregivers.  Through playing instruments and participating in whole group, small group and one-on-one music activities, children bond with caregivers practice cooperative play skills with peers and experience all the health benefits of making music, too!  Bond with your little one while we “boogie on down!”  Classes include take home materials such as CD’s, instruments, and crafts.


Mommies Making Music

Moms, do you want to share your love of music with your newborn baby?  As your belly grows, so can your talents!  Learn to play simple songs on guitar and/or ukulele during one-on-one or small group sessions with Ms. Carissa!  Learn simple chords and chord progressions to get you playing live music for your family.  Already have a little one? It’s never too late!  Bring your child to play as you learn!  Share your love through music. No experience necessary!MommiesMakingMusic-001

**Ukulele workshops are also available for teens and “tweens!”

Drum Circles – Perfect for Children and Families of all ages            *Prices start at $150

Did you know, drumming actively in a group builds a sense of community a group?  Did you know, every human has an innate ability to drum, an inner rhythm?  Did you know making music as a whole group reduces the production of stress hormones 3 times more than just “chilling out?”  Invite Ms. Carissa to your program for a Drum Circle and watch as your staff, students, or families strengthens relationships through music.  Drummers of all ages will engage in games, open ended drum sessions, and more using real percussion instruments. Young children build skills in social emotional, cognitive, mathematic, and literacy development through drumming while adults reap those benefits and more.  Ask Ms. Carissa how a drum circle can benefit your program!

Private Parties– Does your family always host a 4th of July Barbecue or Christmas where there are a lot of children? If so, Ms. Carissa would love to come out and make your party rock!

DJ Services– Let Ms. Carissa DJ your school’s next dance or family fun night!  Games, inflatable guitars, and music from a state of the art sound system with family friendly tunes for all.

Community Marketing Events– Invite children and families for a day or night out to showcase your program or community!  Great for end of the year school picnics and family fun night events!

“Skills learned through the discipline of music…transfer to study skills, communication skills, and cognitive skills useful in every part of the curriculum.”–The National Association for Music Education