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Nice to meet you! – Carissa

Hello, I’m Carissa! I’m a 35-year-old woman with a deep understanding of Asperger’s syndrome and the desire to share that understanding. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s early in my life and began to feel different during social situations when I was in middle school.

I hated group projects, dreaded speaking in front of the class, and mostpreferred to read and study during social times. I only had a few close friends, and I always felt like an outsider. It was as if the entire world was simply an alien planet that I couldn’t understand. My “room”, a nook in the school library, and a park bench were really the only places I felt comfortable.

Conversations, even with my family and close friends, were extremely difficult, and I often wondered why I was so nervous when voices were raised or when someone broke a rule. Most of the time those things didn’t affect me, so why did I care?

The rest of my friends and family didn’t seem to have these problems and could go out into a social situation or loud environments and be just fine. My brother even thrived in them – he never seemed to be without a ton of friends or a party to go too.

My mother had the syndrome as well, and finally I sat down and started talking about all of these troubles that I was having. She helped me get a deeper understanding of what Asperger’s syndrome was and how she was handling it before she began to tell me about all the hidden benefits of my disorder.

So, I used them and dove into the studies of what made Autistic people tick. Because of those studies, I began to volunteer with autistic school children and soon discovered that all of them needed someone to listen to them. Each one had an interesting story to tell, and with my help to guide their passions, they could expand into better people.

I am now working full time with the website and spending the rest of my time with my own three dogs and fiancé. We all live in a city with great parks, and love to go for walks, spend time outside, and eat as many sweets as we can get our hands on.

I still volunteer at schools and work with children on the spectrum, helping them become more comfortable in an environment filled with triggers and other problems. I try to help both them and the other kids around them understand the hidden superpowers that people on the spectrum have, as well as showing teachers and adults ways to manage breakdowns or difficult situations without escalating them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it motivates you to keep checking out MsCarissaRocks. Hopefully, you can see the passion and the reason why I made this site, and why I know that every child with autism has the ability to traverse the world just like every other human. They just do it a little differently.

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