MsCarissaRocks | How Music Can Help Out With Sensory Overload
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How Music Can Help Out With Sensory Overload

How Music Can Help Out With Sensory Overload

Autistic people can get overwhelmed with stimuli, which can be loud noises, excessive change, sounds, and lights flashing or changing tempo, or even heavy stress. If they are introverts or highly sensitive as well, situations, where they become overwhelmed by stimuli, can become even more frequent.

There are several ways to handle being overwhelmed for those on the spectrum, and music is one of those ways. Music therapy can help out and act as a soothing and calming influence on overwhelmed mind. While every person is different in terms of whether music helps them, certain types of music can be a good way to bring someone back down to earth.

Kids with autism are more likely to respond to music, become more excited when singing music, and even connect and share emotions to certain songs. This can help them become more social in the future. It might even get them into musical careers as adults, as well as reduce anxiety and improve communication.

Types of Music proven to be helpful

Songs with soothing beats and voices such as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, “What A Wonderful World”, “You Are My Sunshine” and other lullabies can help for some. While other songs with predictable beats such as “Ho Hey” and “Shake it Off” can work for others.

If a patient has any interest in Broadway or theater, using songs from a favorite musical might help. Others might respond to video game soundtracks or instrumental music. However, it’s important to remember that no type of music works for every child; one kid might like rock music to calm down and a second might like Beethoven.

Feel free to experiment and see what types of songs make an autistic person happy, then use the music alongside other methods to give them something to focus on when they need to calm down.

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